I teamed up with my friends Jon and Nolan (SimplySpoons), Alex G, and Z Fields to make this song! Jon filmed the video and it turned out dope! We just had some people come over for a BBQ and we just started filming! Check it out on YouTube! Thanks!

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Produced by Z Fields


Download the Black Friday Mixtape Today!


On Thursday, April 21st, Robotic Pirate Monkey will be storming Fort Collins, CO for their first show at the Aggie Theatre. They will be joined on stage by legendary Fort Collins based rapper Black Prez. Keep an eye out for a collaboration by Black Prez and RPM in the next few weeks! Tickets are on sale now through the Aggie’s website and at Rock N’ Robbins in Fort Collins for just $12. Grab your tickets now because they go up to $15 day of show!


Buy Tickets at the Door. www.TheyreComingToCSU.com

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Performance at Suite 200 filmed by the Adventurous 500 You know what it is…



Feb. 1 Sage Club | Berlin, Germany

For booking: BlackPrezManagement@gmail.com


We had a massive site update recently as many of you may had noticed the team over at Geniuz Ink helped us pretty up the site a bit more and add some functionality. This update includes…

-A new music player with faster loading and it works on phones.
-The ability to Hype! (like a post).
-The ability to share posts through facebook, and twitter.
-The ability to leave comments on posts.
-Category tags for posts and the ability to click a category and see all posts within it.
-A prettier media and event page. Much easier to navigate.
-Nicer looking youtube videos.

Coming soon…

-The new entrance page.
-The ability to fill out a booking form.
-More event pictures and blog posts.

Leave some feedback,
Julian D. of Geniuz Ink and Black Prez


Im doing a big show in for Mardi Gras when Bourbon Street comes to Denver! If your 21+ click the image to buy your tickets and get more info

March 5th, Marriott DTC


As you probably already know, I have spent most of my life in the Box State of Colorado. I met up with some people (John Runnels, Big Peez, Chef W, and J_Mal) to make a little freestyle song about Colorado. It was just for fun and I didnt think this song would turn out this tight ha. Anyways, check it out on youtube.

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So I teamed up with my homeys over at Stoop Kids All Day and have been putting out a new song every week called “Black Friday”. Im leaving this weeks version of Educate Me On How To Douglas (Teach Me How To Dougie)… Check out www.StoopKidsAllDay.Com every friday for a new song!

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