Who is Black Prez?

Bump Black Prez’s “The President is Black,” and you’ll learn as much about Josh Madry as these few paragraphs can teach you. It’s full of biographical information, including when Josh took on the Black Prez moniker; and it displays the broader political and social savvy so prevalent in his work. He address the question of relinquishing his stage name after the United States elected Barack Obama, and cheekily concludes that he’s happy to share presidential duties–Barack will run the country, Black Prez will run rap.

Yet even executive control over hip-hop is insufficient for Black Prez, who balances his love of music with admissions work at Colorado State University, where he is securing a Master’s degree in Counseling. Like the greats before him, however, Black Prez makes no secret of his endless dedication to his craft; check out his Twitter or Facebook and you’ll won’t see much that’s not an update about grinding away in the studio, or a link to some new collabo with artists both local (Thomas Tha Franchise, Ricky Jewelz) and national (Wiz Khalifa, Talib Kweli).

Born of a broken home, child of a military life that took him from Alabama to Paderborn, Germany before landing him in Colorado, nothing Black Prez brings to the mic is predictable. How many artists on your playlist right now can rep old-school Christmas films (Heat Miser), produce a hot young protege who happens to be a sibling (Ben Madry, or One.Six), and then bust into a German verse without missing a beat? In the 400 milliseconds it takes to blink, Josh Black Prez Madry can flip a script, then spin it back. Now that he’s helming Prezidential Records and working with Colorado’s Adrian Smith, and blessing everything from pop to rock with his wit and verbal agility, you’d best not blink lest you miss something.

Whether you want to fill an arena or dominate a house party, Black Prez and DJ T-Bone Scarpone are available and unforgettable.